I had the oppurtunity to work one on one with Jenni over a period of 6-9 months - which I believe help change my life.  There were days it  was hard, really hard but she pushed me and encouraged me when I needed it the most and I cannot Thank her enough.  She not only help transform my body image - I was wearing my size 28 jeans again (which I hadn't fit in, in 5+ years) but she transformed me as a person.  She taught me the basic skills I needed to gain control over my weight and my health.  The majority of our work outs were outdoors, with the odd workout indoor at a gym. I loved how most of the workouts are ones that I could do on my own and didn't need any equipment, therefore I can still do them now and I don't need a gym membership! After working with Jenni, I had the confidence I always wanted.  I was confidant enough to fight for the things I wanted in life - school, jobs and relationships because for the first time, in a long time... I believed, I mean I truly believed... in myself.  If you have the oppurtunity to work with Jenni take it. She is passionate about what she does and truly is the most encouraging and caring individual I have ever been able to work with.
Kendall Leslie- personal training client
3 months before my wedding I started training with Jenni…..
I had tried the gym but wasn’t seeing results because I really needed that one on one training. I needed support, encouragement & someone to kick my butt.
Jenni even helped me set up a meal plan so I could start eating right.
I lost those extra pounds before my big day and have kept them off! 
                                                                                                                   Jordan Peterson- personal training client
I've tried a lot of bootcamps over the past few years and I have to say this is the best one so far!! The bootcamp provided the variety and intensity I needed to stay both interested and challenged. I was definitely sore most days but I take that as a sign I got my money's worth. I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who really wants to see some results. When I started I had a goal of losing 5-7 pounds and I lost 12!! Thanks Jenee...you are a great coach!
Diana M- bootcamp client

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