Class Descriptions

Total Fitness Calgary Sessions Include:
Ultimate Total Body Conditioning                          
Ladies! burn excess fat at an alarming rate & tone every inch of your body.
Guys! Increase strength & power. Learn the meaning of physical & mental toughness.
In these sessions we teach you what 100% means. You will learn to exercise with focus and intent. You will learn to not give up, no matter how hard it gets. You will keep going and you will find strength you never knew you had.  Learning to push yourself mentally and physically to your own personal limits each and every day will not only drastically change the look of your body, it will change your outlook on will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever comes your way.  
Agatsu Kettlebell Training                                    
Why Kettlebells?
Unlike traditional dumbbell exercises, which more often than not isolate certain areas, Kettlebells require the use of large muscle groups as well as multiple stabilizing muscles all at the same time.  What this means is that through the use of Kettlebells you are toning and tightening multiple areas of your body all at once. You cannot do these exercises without burning loads of additional calories, as your means of support and stabilization is your own strength.
The movements taught through Agatsu Kettlebells will develop strength and joint mobility through a natural full range of motion. This is beneficial to everyone from the stay at home mother to the aspiring athlete. 
Boxing Group Training                                             
Had a hard week? Maybe you need to hit something! This is a fast paced no contact Boxing Bootcamp.
Learn the basics of this highly athletic sport while developing long lean muscle mass and shedding excess fat. 
 These sessions are for all fitness levels. Programs are designed keeping in mind that everyone has a different starting point & a different end goal. They include a variety of excercises and training methods such as stairs and hill climbing, partner work, basic boxing, kettlebells, plyometrics & more!
If you're willing to WORK FOR IT you WILL achieve your desired result.